Sunday, May 15, 2011

Double Decker

A few weekends ago we headed to Oxford for Double Decker. I love it! I get so excited each year about going. I love looking at all the beautiful creations people have for sell, sampling all the wonderful food from the local restaurants that set up around the courthouse & of course the great music you get to enjoy all day. I also always see several friends from college that return to the festival each year. It is wonderful to catch up and see how much our lives have changed since attending it while in college.

Ruthie really enjoyed it this year as well. Well, not so much of any of the above, but the kid's fair was a HUGE hit! She bounced so quickly from bouncy house to bouncy house that I didn't even get any pics.

 She was excited about the free balloon as well

 Maggie did this the entire day!

Let me tell you, the story time singing lady was a major hit! I need her to come to my house each week and do a show. Ruthie was so into her. All of her songs had you act out different things. Ruthie never missed a beat. She loves music and dancing, so this was the greatest thing ever for her.

She even got her to lay down during the day without it being an accident. Ha ha!

We had a great day spent with family. I am already looking forward to it next year!!

Super Star!!

Recently Ruthie has really been into performing on stage. Anything that is even the slightest bit elevated she stands on and sings to the top of her lungs. The new double stroller box made the perfect stage. She was up there forever. I think she sang every song she knew. Notice her hand as the microphone. She must have decided to improvise that day. I can't tell you how many times I have had to clean out the entire toy box to find the microphone!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday was a busy, but special day spent with family.  We woke up to find that the Easter bunny had been to our house. I have to edit the video and put it on here because Ruthie was hilarious. We were telling her to go to the living room because the Easter Bunny came. She turned and whimpered "I don't want to see the Easter Bunny" We had to explain that he wasn't here anymore. Her reaction was too funny.

The "loot"

After checking out what he brought, we all got dressed and headed to church. It was Maggie's first time to go. We were in such a mad dash out the door that I didn't get a picture of the girls dressed with their baskets. Oh well, there is always next year. 

After church, we went to JoJo and Papa's for lunch and an egg hunt. The food was wonderful and Ruthie had a blast hunting eggs. She and Maggie also got a basket full of goodies there as well.

Once the hunt was done, we headed to Mamaw Louies house for Easter with the Whitleys. Ruthie and Maggie were again showered with goodies. We loved getting to spend time with loved ones and we are all so blessed to have so many people who love us. After opening the big eggs, we headed outside to hunt eggs with Webb and Ava. Ruthie had a little bit of an advantage this year, seeing she is the only one that can walk. However, next year she better have her hunting skills sharpened because they are going to give her a run for her money.

We finished up the day with dinner at Pop E and Nana's. The Easter Bunny visited there as well. It was almost as if we were having Christmas by the looks of our truck at the end of the night. Two very blessed little girls I tell ya. The big hit was the bunny cakes that Pop E and Nana made for each of the girls. They were too cute and delicious

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Easter Eggs

The Wednesday before Easter we had the Easter egg hunt at church. Ruthie had been talking for days about going to find eggs and put them in her basket. She was so excited about it!

The girls dressed and ready to head to the hunt
Because of rain that week, the hunt had to be moved indoors. Because it is only for preschool and under they aren't really hid anyway, so they didn't care. 
Ruthie counting her loot with Mamaw Beth. She found lots of candy and 3 prize eggs. I would call that a successful hunt

 After the hunt, we enjoyed hot dogs, cheese puffs, juice boxes and cupcakes! Everyone had a great time.

On Saturday, we dyed our eggs. I had bought the egg dying kit a few weeks before and Ruthie had been wanting to "play that game" ever since. She had a blast helping Dustin dye them. She would pick what color and he would do the actual dying of the egg

Blowing them dry so they can decorate them

Coloring and putting stickers on her eggs

She had a blast and so did Dustin and I. We are so blessed to be able to have these wonderful moments that will too soon become wonderful memories.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grove Bowl

A couple of weeks after Maggie was born, we had a major case of cabin fever! So, we loaded up and headed over to Oxford for the day for the annual Grove Bowl. Ruthie and I both were in desperate need of time spent out of the house. We knew she would love all the bouncy houses that they have in the Grove for the kids to play on

     Ruthie and Lori are excited about being in the Grove!!

 Ruthie is such a dare devil. She climbed to top and down she went. All by herself. Over and over!!!

 She talked Kaylee into joining her

                            Maggie spent the day sleeping in the stroller

                         Ruthie doing Hotty Toddy at the podium for us

Always on the phone!

We had a GREAT day! Maggie, Nana, and I didn't make it to the game. We did meet up with Papa, JoJo, Lori, Kaylee & Ruthie after the game for some dinner at Ajax. I think Maggie enjoyed her first of many trips to Oxford. I know the rest of us sure did!!!

Welcome Maggie!!

Maggie Louise McCafferty was born April 4 weighing in at 8lbs 3oz and 19" We are so blessed to have another sweet baby girl. Ruthie is a proud big sister and has handled it much better than I had anticipated. Don't get me wrong, there have been some moments, but overall it has went pretty smooth.

Dustin bringing Maggie out for everyone to meet her

Ruthie meeting her baby sister

 Getting ready to head home! Ruthie is wearing her dance outfit because she had just came from "flip" class.

We are at home and doing great!

Busy Busy Busy

I must admit I have failed miserably at blogging in the last several months. I blame it on having a 2 year old, being pregnant and building a house. It has kept me a little busy with no time to sit at the computer long enough to put a post together. I have started several, but never finished. I am going to try to do much better. I want the record for myself and could just choke myself for slacking so bad. I make no promises though. I now have a newborn, a 2 1/2 year old and am finishing up a house. Fingers crossed for posts to come.